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5 Reasons to Use Colored Rack PDUs

In this eBook we identify the advantages of colored rack PDUs. From keeping data centers safe and organized through branding and light optimization for dark racks.

A sample from the eBook...

Reason 1.

Easily identify redundant power feeds.

Full-colored PDU options provide visual control of power feeds and easy identification. Imagine being able to tell a technician that the Blue PDUs are the ones they need to focus on. And, colored secure lock cables for easier installation complete the setup.

And it doesn’t stop at just color. We can customize our PDUs to meet even the most demanding needs including number of outlets, phase balancing, staggered outlets, cord lengths, multiple inputs and more.

Raritan Colored PDUs are available in 11 colors.

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5 Reasons to Use Colored Rack PDUs

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Innovation in your Raritan Intelligent PDUs

Innovators share two traits: uncommon vision and an unwillingness to compromise when a more effective solution is possible. It’s those qualities that lead the world’s most innovative companies to Raritan for their Intelligent Rack PDU solutions.

More innovative Raritan Intelligent PDU Features include:

Powerful USB Ports

Meet the world’s most powerful USB Port.

Support for Wi-Fi networking, easy auto configuration and upgrades, cascading multiple PDUs and a webcam.

Environment Sensors

Make sense of it all with always-on sensors.

Sensor and metering that provide the most accurate billing grade kWh at individual outlets and sensor data from Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Airflow, Contact Closure, Smoke, Water

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