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Seven Big Reasons to Move Backup to the Cloud
via Data Center Knowledge
Cloud-based solutions have replaced traditional on-premises solutions to become the gold standard for today’s backup, archiving, governance and disaster recovery (DR). But what exactly makes cloud-based data backup so unique?
NASA Light Years Ahead on Data Center Consolidation
via Data Center Knowledge
Despite increasingly restrictive legislation over the past seven years designed to reduce the number of inefficient and unnecessary data centers, NASA may be the only agency to comply with the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act’s 2018 deadline.
Designing a Data Center Maturity Model? 
via Data Center Journal
Before I dig into this issue, let me step back into the Deep Thoughts territory and put forth (and then address) one more question: What does it mean to be mature and why would anyone want that for the data center?
Google Reveals Espresso, Its Edge Data Center SDN
via Data Center Knowledge
Google today revealed the latest in the series of technologies it has developed to improve performance of its global data center infrastructure. Espresso is a Software-Defined Networking stack that speeds up Google’s services for its end users as the company’s network hands traffic off to third-party internet service providers who take it the last mile.
The Raritan View
What Is the iX7™ Advance PDU Controller and How Could It Improve My Data Center Operations?

Understand what the iX7™ controller is and how your data center can benefit. 

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The industry is talking about Raritan’s latest intelligent PDUs. Here what IDC research is saying!

IDC Link: Raritan’s New iPDU is a Building Block for Smarter Datacenters.

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Data Center Cabinet Load Balancing:  there’s a less complicated way.


Learn how Raritan simplifies and improves the load balancing process.

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Customer Support Update
Xerus™ Firmware v3.3.10 Generally Available

This firmware release is for General Availability (GA) on all existing Raritan PXE, PX2, PX3, PX3TS, BCM, BCM2, and EMX2 models.
Release 3.3.10 General Guidelines:
The User Guides for PX Release 3.3.10 contains all enhancements and fixes which are listed here.

• Transfer Switch
• PX iPDUs
• Branch Circuit Monitor

Product Warranty Registration
Receive world-class support on your Raritan products by registering warranties and extended warranties.
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