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Facebook to Build the Largest Hyperscale Data Center Singapore Has Ever Seen
via Data Center Knowledge
Power capacity of the 11-story data center Facebook is preparing to build in Singapore will equal total capacity of all data centers other hyperscale cloud platforms have built for themselves in the tiny island nation, according to an expert on the local market.
Data Center Tips of The Trade: Means-Of-Egress Systems
via Data Center Journal
As the first article in this series introduced, the most critical aspect in a mission-critical data center is the life-safety measures it employs. The four standard systems that facilitate safe evacuation and survival during a fire are fire suppression, means of egress, fire containment and fire alarms—and I still rank means of egress as the second most important of the group. The 2015 International Building Code (IBC), the 2015 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (NFPA) and the 2015 International Fire Code (IFC) also reinforce its importance. Each not only devotes a full chapter to means-of-egress requirements (IBC’s Chapter 10, NFPA’s Chapter 7 and IFC’s Chapter 10), but with its ample chapter requirements listed in a plethora of sections (30, 14 and 30, respectively), the means-of-egress system is each code’s largest and most extensive chapter.
When and How Liquid Cooling Becomes Necessary in the Data Center
via Data Center Knowledge
With Moore’s Law having dead-ended, the ever-increasing power of processors has gone back to generating heat. Liquid cooling in its many forms is becoming a serious option once again. But is it really practical to mix flexible pipes and cooling plates with air ducts and blanking panels in a data center that’s already very complex?
Nvidia's Data Center Business Could Be Even More Explosive Than We'd Thought
via The Street
Nvidia shares are up more than 37% this year, and were climbing more than 2% on Friday morning, Sept. 14. That's after a note from Needham and Co., whose analysts say the chipmaker will continue eat to gain more market share in the inference market, which is a part of Nvidia's data center business. Needham raised its price target from $325 to $350, roughly 25% above the stock's current level.
The Raritan View
Disruptive Technologies Changing Data Centers: Part 2

The technological world is constantly innovating and evolving. In this blog, we examine two technologies that will have the power to change the infrastructure and design of IT systems.

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White Paper: Rack-Level Security and Compliance

It used to be sufficient to regulate access to the data center if you could reasonably ensure that no unauthorized personnel had access. This mentality has shifted and now its more important to understand how to fulfill tougher requirements with limited resources.

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The True Cost and Causes of a Data Center Breach: Part 2

For the past few years, data breaches have run rampant amongst the news headlines. In this blog, learn about the cost of breaches, how North America industries are impacted, and how you can protect your important assets.

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Customer Support Update
Xerus™ Firmware v3.4.0 Generally Available

This firmware release is for General Availability (GA) on all existing Raritan PXE, PX2, PX3, PX3TS, BCM, BCM2, and EMX2 models.
Release 3.4.0 General Guidelines:
The User Guides for PX Release 3.4.0 contains all enhancements and fixes which are listed here.

• Transfer Switch
• PX iPDUs
• Branch Circuit Monitor

PX2 and PX3 PDUs are End-Of-Life and End-Of-Support (EOL)
Raritan has initiated a global transition of all PX2 and some PX3 models towards a new PDU architecture, leveraging the latest PDU controller, the iX7. To see a complete list of PX2 and PX3 part numbers scheduled for end-of-life and end-of-support visit the link below.
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Product Warranty Registration
Receive world-class support on your Raritan products by registering warranties and extended warranties.
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