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The Do’s and Dont's of Data Center Security
via Data Center Frontier
As data centers take on a more prominent role in our businesses and our lives, they face greater security risks than ever before. International or domestic terrorists may seek to damage data centers in order to disrupt our way of life, commerce, and economy. “Thrill-seekers” might want to generate a media frenzy by causing massive damage. Even so-called “common criminals” can make money on the black market by selling stolen equipment such as servers, cables, and the copper wire stored on data center construction sites.
New Skills, Training Are Essential for the Data Center Workforce
via Data Center Frontier
The adoption of new technologies leads to competitive advantages, which then benefits customers, users, and data center leaders. Change also creates both challenges and opportunities for the data center workforce.
Cybersecurity Drills More Important Than Ever for Data Centers
via Data Center Frontier
In the middle of a disaster is the worst possible time to discover that the backups won't load, the cloud service provider can't be reached, the firewall has a leak, and the one guy with all the key passwords is at a no-phones-allowed yoga retreat.
Gartner: Data Center Investment to Slow as Memory Component Shortage Looms
via DataCenter Dynamics
In its annual predictions for IT market revenue, research and advisory firm Gartner expects total world spend to reach $3.74 trillion in 2018, up 6.2 percent on last year and the highest annual growth rate it has forecast since 2007.
The Raritan View
What is an intelligent PDU?

In this blog, you will learn what an intelligent PDU is and what are some of the major benefits of deploying them in your data center.

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Integrated Data Center Solutions Brochure

Raritan offers the most advanced technology solutions to help you manage, maintain, and operate your critical IT equipment to its maximum potential: from power management to remote server access products.

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The Challenges You Face with IoT and How To Overcome Them

IoT as a concept brings powerful benefits in terms of productivity, efficiency, and cost savings, but also brings many challenges. Read this blog to learn more about these types of challenges.

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Customer Support Update
Xerus™ Firmware v3.4.0 Generally Available

This firmware release is for General Availability (GA) on all existing Raritan PXE, PX2, PX3, PX3TS, BCM, BCM2, and EMX2 models.
Release 3.4.0 General Guidelines:
The User Guides for PX Release 3.4.0 contains all enhancements and fixes which are listed here.

• Transfer Switch
• PX iPDUs
• Branch Circuit Monitor

PX2 and PX3 PDUs are End-Of-Life and End-Of-Support (EOL)
Raritan has initiated a global transition of all PX2 and some PX3 models towards a new PDU architecture, leveraging the latest PDU controller, the iX7. To see a complete list of PX2 and PX3 part numbers scheduled for end-of-life and end-of-support visit the link below.
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Product Warranty Registration
Receive world-class support on your Raritan products by registering warranties and extended warranties.
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