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Microsoft Has Sunk Another Data Center: Here’s What You Need to Know
via Data Center Knowledge
Project Natick, Microsoft’s crazy-sounding research effort to see whether it makes sense to deploy data centers underwater, submerged onto the ocean floor, has reached a big milestone.
Cooling Design Means It Can Build in More Places
via Data Center Knowledge
The Facebook today announced a new cooling system that will make some of its data centers more water and energy-efficient. The social network, which prides itself in building environmentally friendly data centers, cools most of them using outdoor air and direct evaporative cooling systems. But in some locations, they must use indirect cooling systems to protect IT equipment from harsh environmental conditions, such as high levels of dust, extreme humidity, or elevated salinity.
Using AI and Predictive Analytics to Improve the Data Center
via Network World
Digital transformation requires companies to be nimbler, more proactive, and more responsive to customers. Our always-on culture has begotten the need for always-available data.
Why Intel Expects a Data Center Slowdown in the Second Half of 2018
via The Motley Fool
Last quarter, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) reported a stunning result for its data center business -- revenue grew 24% year over year thanks to a combination of a 16% surge in unit shipments and a 7% boost in platform average selling prices. A platform, according to Intel, consists of a processor and its related platform controller hub chip.
The Raritan View
What Are the Top Concerns for Data Center Managers?

In this blog, learn the top concerns for data center managers, as well as the potential challenges associated with emerging technologies.

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Case Study: eBay – Real Time Energy Optimization

With compute loads and operating costs on the rise, eBay established a four-year data center plan with a goal: To cut power costs in half, double compute performance while gaining greater operational agility and increased reliability. They succeeded...with Raritan’s help.

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How intelligent PDUs Play a Vital Role in Bitcoin Mining

In this blog, learn how intelligent PDUs are being used to improve bitcoin mining. You can even see them in action with the included video.

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Customer Support Update
Xerus™ Firmware v3.4.0 Generally Available

This firmware release is for General Availability (GA) on all existing Raritan PXE, PX2, PX3, PX3TS, BCM, BCM2, and EMX2 models.
Release 3.4.0 General Guidelines:
The User Guides for PX Release 3.4.0 contains all enhancements and fixes which are listed here.

• Transfer Switch
• PX iPDUs
• Branch Circuit Monitor

PX2 and PX3 PDUs are End-Of-Life and End-Of-Support (EOL)
Raritan has initiated a global transition of all PX2 and some PX3 models towards a new PDU architecture, leveraging the latest PDU controller, the iX7. To see a complete list of PX2 and PX3 part numbers scheduled for end-of-life and end-of-support visit the link below.
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Product Warranty Registration
Receive world-class support on your Raritan products by registering warranties and extended warranties.
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