Reduce the time and costs of connecting iPDUs and environmental sensors
with our new Wi-Fi solution.

Building a new data center? Ready to upgrade your existing one? Our new Wi-Fi Solution will keep your intelligent PDUs connected with the savings, security and easy implementation. Wireless gives you a pain-free option to the tedious and more costly effort of deploying Ethernet drops. In fact, wireless could be as much as 10 times less expensive than a traditional wired Ethernet solution.

As for ease of implementation, the Raritan Wi-Fi kit consists of a USB stick antenna and small USB dock that simply plugs into a USB port of your Raritan PX2 or EMX Smart Rack Controller. The base of the USB dock is magnetic for quick and easy mounting on top of a rack.

With our 802.11 a/b/g/n standards-based Wi-Fi solution you can:

  • Save time and money by avoiding Ethernet drops, cabling, and management
  • Implement a Wi-Fi certified solution that supports enterprise-level security such as WAP2 and AES encryption
  • Improve efficiency by quickly adding new sensors to your racks for environmental monitoring
  • Quickly make network moves, adds and changes

Need a final reason to consider wireless: it’s green. With less cabling, copper and plastics, Raritan’s Wi-Fi solution will help reduce your data center’s carbon footprint.

Contact your local reseller if you'd like to purchase this solution.
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