A better way to handle your rack power requirements.

Nowadays, you can't afford to be in the dark about your power usage. If you can't answer these questions, you may have a lot to gain through a more efficient power management solution.

  • What is the actual kWh power consumption of each individual device?
  • How can I lower cooling costs without risking hot spots or insufficient reaction time?
  • Where can I improve data center power efficiency?
Raritan offers the the broadest portfolio, with the deepest capabilities of Intelligent PDUs in the market to help you better manage your unique data center:
  • Capacity from 1.4 kVa to 55.4 kVa
  • Highest ambient temperature (60C, 140F)
  • Customizable configurations and colors
  • Plug-and-play environmental sensors
  • Remote unit-level and individual outlet-level power monitoring of kWh with ISO/IEC +/- 1% billing grade accuracy
  • Circuit breaker metering and monitoring
  • Full-featured USB-A and USB-B ports (USB-A has 500mA power) for fast and easy configurations and upgrades
  • Industry-leading security, including SNMP v3

Test drive our PX Intelligent PDU and see how our power solution can meet your current and future needs:

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